February 9, 2013: Anchor Chain on Board!

I am making the next several posts for the Spring of 2013, all at the same time, in May, trying to recreate what we have done for the last three months.  I am looking over Navionics Tracks and financial records to figure out what we have done with all this time!  All I know is that we have spent every available second, and more than every available dime, on Cool Change and on sailing.  We are truly addicted.

So, my records suggest that at a minimum, we did in fact buy and install 250 feet of 3/8″ High Test anchor chain on February 9.  It weighs down our bow considerably, but we are hoping it will be worth it when we get to that coral reef that could shred our rode, that big blow that would otherwise make us drag anchor, or that deep anchorage in the South Pacific.

I have no Navionics track for this weekend, so all I can figure is that we spent the entire weekend, working on Cool Change.  That is not unimaginable.  Actually, it felt like, for a while there, we weren’t getting out at all; just working on her.  I think this is also the weekend I sewed the cover for the windlass; we wanted it protected from the elements. I decided it would be easier to “design and build” if I just brought the whole roll of Sunbrella fabric I had bought down to the boat, along with my sewing machine, thread and the rest of the fixins.  I sat on the dock step and brought a low tv-tray as a table.  It actually worked pretty well, and the windlass cover is lookin good!  (For previous covers I made, I went to the fabric store and bought outdoor fabric at a fraction of the cost of Sunbrella, but I learned my lesson: that fabric has shed powder all over the boat and completely disintegrated in the sun/salt combination.  Sunbrella is obviously a superior product in spite of the price).

There was a lot of tidying-up of wires and fuses and lugs and who knows what else, for Rick to do after the windlass install, so I imagine that is what he was working on during the weekend at the dock.  The jobs seem endless!


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