In her slip before name change 2
In her slip before name change


Midship, starboard side






starboard side in slip
Starboard side in slip
Sea Hood
Sea Hood/Companionway hatch – solid teak



Galley and aft cabinimage
At slip, port side Cool Change moored in Ayala Cove Cool Change moored in Ayala Covephoto 2Cool Change all polished and ready to be splashed Cool Change all polished and ready to be splashedimage
At slip, port side
Modified Fin Keel
Modified Fin Keel

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  1. Tara Albrecht says:

    Hi there,
    I am the proud new owner of a 2006 PSC 31. I am on this adventure alone so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. We had a difficult start because I bought her in Hawaii and planned on sailing her home. After living on her in Honolulu for a month prepping her for her voyage I had to dismiss my crew. I found suitable replacement crew but the season was changing and my dogs were in a kennel and I decided to ship her. She just arrived in Seattle and is in the yard awaiting rigging and bottom paint. I am planning on putting in a heater (chilly up here) and having a Bimini top made for her. I was horrified when I got on her and noticed a couple of bugs (my worst nightmare). She must have had some interesting neighbors on the barge I guess. Anyway, I bought her because my dream is to sail far away someday and my relationship status makes it so I will be doing that alone for awhile. Any singlehanding tips would be great too – I’m not a fan of my current reefing and perhaps a windlass would make anchoring easier for me?

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Tara. Congratulations on your new boat! You will absolutely love her. We love ours. They are so easy to sail compared to a bigger boat. We double hand so I don’t have a lot of advice for single handing, but frankly each of us do single hand, in a sense, when the other is resting or something, and pretty much everything can be done from our cockpit alone except anchoring, deploying and dousing the spinnaker, and setting up the whisker pole. So all of our lines are lead back into the cockpit. And we even have a remote control for the windlass but we haven’t set it up yet – if we did then we could anchor single handed too. We bought a Lofranz Tigress windlass and we love it; it has never skipped or caused us any problems. Feel free to ask us anything you want. And do read through our blog, especially the entry for the 2017 year cruising recap -it may give you some good ideas. Cindy

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