May 5-6, 2012 on Cool Change

19 nm, max speed 8.1 knots, max winds 24 knots, glorious blue sky and fresh breezes

Knowing that we had a bonafide offer on Cool Change, we came back this weekend to clean her up and remove all our things, and to say goodbye to her with on last sail.  God it was heartbreaking.  We love her so much; we have so many fond memories together on her, and we know her inside and out.  After unloading a lot from her on Saturday, we took off Saturday afternoon and sailed her around the bay, and then anchored out for what we thought would be one last time on Cool Change in Richardson Bay, then motored over the next morning into Raccoon Straits and back to our slip to finish her prep for the new owners.  Little did we know, two weeks later after a glorious sea trial, the buyers backed out for reasons unclear to us.  All the better for us!  She is still ours and we love her!

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