December 3, 2011 Finished Interior Teak Restoration and Installed 12V Chargers At Helm

We worked on the boat all day, a satisfying and joyful experience!  Cindy finished the last 1/3rd of the interior teak restoration – it looks beautiful!  She used Howard Restore-A-Finish applied with cheesecloth and enhanced by 220-320-400 wet-dry sandpaper as needed for the tough spots, followed by a coat of teak oil, wiped down after about 5 to 10 minutes to avoid over-oiled surfaces.

Meanwhile, Rick finished his job of installing two 12 volt outlets at the helm.  He mounted them on a small piece of starboard marine plastic and then mounted the plastic on the aft side of the pedestal mount.  This is great because, believe it or not, our Navionics application on Cindy’s i-phone has become our navigation equipment of choice for daysails, but it looses its charge too quickly to operate all day without a charger.  Now we can use the i-phone while having it continually charged at the same time!

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