Anchor Windlass

Pull wire in forward starboard personal locker

After consulting with the folks on the Pacific Seacraft Blog on, I decided to run pull wires for our windlass using the space between the bullwark and deck that others have used, and where there already exists a wire harness running bow to stern.  The space is accessible in several areas of the boat.  First, I used a fish tape to run two pull wires from the forward starboard personal locker aft to the power distribution area.  Next I ran pulls from the power distribution area back to the aft wet locker behind the head.  From there, it is an easy run into the starboard lazarette where the battery bank lives. With the pull wires in place,  I will eventually be using them to run a #2 power cable from the anchor locker to the battery compartment and to a circuit breaker that will be mounted on the side of the standing locker.  Now that the pull wires are in place, the decision still needs to be made as to which windlass we will install.

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