We’re off!


Holy cow.  After more than 3 years of planning, we did it! Today we were met at our Sausalito dock with a few family members and friends to wave goodbye, and were then escorted out the Gate by our dockmates Dan and Betsy on their ketch.  The adventure has begun!

I considered entitling this blog entry, “what were we thinking!” because we really didn’t pick a very good weather window to depart, but no worries- we made it to Half Moon Bay and can stay here as long as we want to, to wait for better winds.  The winds were supposed to start out south and clock west, but they stayed southeast, making the usual downwind run to Half Moon Bay, a bash into headwinds instead.  There were nevertheless a few glorious moments, like when we decided to not fight it and just let the wind take us where she will, using Charlie, our Monitor Windvane, to steer the boat.  No more concentrating on the compass heading or sail trim, and no disturbing motor sounds – just Charlie and Rick and I and of course, Cool Change. She performed beautifully in spite of the very uncomfortable seas that were opposing the wind from two different directions!

In preparation for our departure, we took our son Dan and daughter Sarah sailing on the bay.  What a glorious time.

A few diehard friends and family met us at our dock last Saturday night for a little farewell party.  We were really touched by everyone who came, mostly the people we will miss the most.

I will write more later about the incredible journey and intense emotions we have both had in getting to this point; but for now, I want to get this post out with the news of our departure and a few pictures. Hasta Luego!




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