New Monitor Windvane!

After Cindy’s shoulder replacement on June 13, we gave ourselves a few weeks and then were back down on Cool Change again, installing the windvane.  It took at least three full weekends of our time, with help from dockmates, but in the end, it was a job well done.  We hired the Monitor windvane installation specialist to do the last bit of rigging for us, but we did all of the actual vane installation ourselves.  It was really a challenge to get under the inside lining of the transom, but Rick managed.

Our greatest satisfaction came from taking it out for the first time.  It works like a dream!  The windvane serves to steer the boat at a fixed point of sail without anyone at the helm!  It will free us to “keep watch” without actually having to steer.  And it is entirely mechanical – no power generation needed.  What a wonderful instrument!

We have named it “Charlie”, after Rick’s father who recently passed away.  Charlie will sail the world with us, as our most trusted crewmate.

Monitor Windvane at dock

Monitor Windvane at dock

Monitor 5Monitor 4Monitor 3Monitor 2

Charlie the Windvane's first day sailing

Charlie the Windvane’s first day sailing


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