February 23, 2013: Ahoy Up There!

A while back, we had purchased a bosun’s chair, and we had a 3-to-1 purchase system for hauling one of us up the mast, but it turned out that the 3-to-1 purchase system line was too short to get either of us all the way up.  And it didn’t seem that safe anyway.  So, Rick had a long talk with a rigger in southern California who he trusted, and we ended up buying a rigging system to get us up the mast from this So Cal rigger.  Rick was so excited when it came in the mail.  (Someday I may try going up there, but for now with my shoulder in the condition it is, it is best Rick goes up).

Rick up the mast Our steaming light wasn’t working, and long ago we had bought a replacement bulb, but had no way to get up the mast to replace it.  This was the day.  We finally had all the pieces in place.  So up the mast, Rick went. The steaming light was out, for sure, but the casing seemed a bit unstable.  When he replaced it, it worked, but we knew this was a temporary fix.  Rick also cleaned the bottom of the spreaders, and installed some hardware to run our burgees and radar reflector through.  It was a good weekend, although we never actually got out on the water.  But we worked very hard!  I think it was this weekend that we also installed the new rack for our new liferaft.  I bought three locks for it this time – we weren’t going to have our liferaft stolen again.  And, of course, I made a Sunbrella cover for the liferaft too.Rick at Spreaders


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